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Answering all questions you might have

What is this site?
Flex-Reward.com is an investment opportunity for crypto holders. Read more about how it works here
Is this site sustainable?
This is not an HYIP (High Yield Investement Program) and our concept is indefinitely sustainable. 90% of the seat revenues are paid out to the user who completed the table, 10% are reserved for affiliate payments and our cut. This model is not relying on any scams or abrupt termination.
May I register multiple accounts?
You may register as many accounts as you like, but they cannot be referrals of each other.
How fast are your withdrawals?
Most bigger withdrawals are automatic, smaller amounts may be aggregated for up to 24 hours in order to reduce the mining fees
How many people are using this site and how long do tables take to fill?
Just have a look at the most recent activites. Our community is growing daily and very active!
Do you offer an affiliate program?
Yes, we do! You get a 10% bonus for each seat that your referrals purchase!