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How does it work?

Flexible reward tables are a easy to understand but powerful concept!

There are a few basic points about any reward table system:
  • Each table is comprised of 2 to 5 levels
  • Each level has a certain number of seats in it
  • Each seat can be purchased by any user, multiple seats per user are allowed
  • Whenever a row of seats is completely filled (aka every seat purchased), the user at the top of the table earns a reward and is removed from the table
  • All users below ascend one level and the next cycle beginns
Let's look at a live example of a table:

Table ID
Single seat price
฿ 0.01
Table completion reward
฿ 0.036
Created by user
Created on
August 18th 12:20am
Activity index
Notice the user on level 1 with the crown? He is the current king of this table and will earn his reward as soon as level 3 is completely filled.

But where is the flexible part?

Compared to other projects, we do not have a rigid frame!

Our tables come in four different depths (number of levels) and also 3 different sizes (price per seat). This means there are 12 different table variations, suiting investors of different styles. Larger tables and bigger seat sizes offer greater reward, but may take longer to fill. Smaller tables are often completed in a matter of hours, but don't the same ROI.
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